Where do I start. I've been around a long time since 1992, yet still feels like there is more to offer.
I fought to make this my living for decades, but now I think Film is where I will head, supernatural action film with yours truly in it, coming in the next few years, been planning that a while. The Ghost however has other ideas... he says I'm not done...

Music first released on Utrax, then Eevolute Muzique, Static Emissions, Satamile, Zyntax Motor City, Bass Agenda.
Helena Hauff plays a lot of my stuff, which is an honour, still amazing that old and new tunes still resonate with people.

Been lucky enough to travel to Detroit and meet Mad Mike, who was a big fan of my stuff, again a real honour.
Lawrence Burden and Andy Weatherall too. Yet it never really translated into what I really wanted, to make this my living.

Labels have been a let down, so now everything will be released by me personally on all the usual suspects, Spotify, Apple etc with BandCamp for Vinyl on Demand when it is fully available. 

The ElectroPlasm Volumes 1, 2 and 3 have 2x old tracks vs 2 x new. After that all new, with a new ElectroPlasm Volume every 4 months, every month, every year for as long as The Ghost wants to do it.

All tracks will then be up for appearing in my film, making a pretty solid sound track for some action and mayhem.

Thank you for listening, there is always something hard to describe in the back of my mind, and that's the Ghost with his hand on my shoulder as I write. Maybe you hear it too...

The Ghost walks with You ...