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If You're Thinking About Signing A Record Deal - Read This First 

I know how you feel, someone wants to sign you, what a feeling! There is a reason though why you keep hearing stories about disputes between artists and labels, even at the highest level. At the underground , independent level, it is no different.

I'm telling you this story, to try and stop the same thing happening to you. Get a solicitor, and if they don't like it, bin the deal

There will be other offers, so wait for the one that feels right to you, try to meet people in person, what does your gut…

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ElectroPlasm - 3 x 4 Track EPs - Every Four Months 

New home for everything the Ghost That Walks, no more record labels, unless of course they let me release anything myself at any point I want to.

No one will ever agree to that, but you never know. Everything now on my terms or it's a nope.

3 x ElectroPlasm releases. 4 Track EP. Every four months. Every Year.

For the first 3 - two old tracks and two new ones, after that we'll see, probably all new ones.
For the first time I'll be advertising every month , year in year out.
Excited to find out if that pulls in new fans, from all over the world, who have never even heard of me.

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