ElectroPlasm - 3 x 4 Track EPs - Every Four Months

New home for everything the Ghost That Walks, no more record labels, unless of course they let me release anything myself at any point I want to.

No one will ever agree to that, but you never know. Everything now on my terms or it's a nope.

3 x ElectroPlasm releases. 4 Track EP. Every four months. Every Year.

For the first 3 - two old tracks and two new ones, after that we'll see, probably all new ones.
For the first time I'll be advertising every month , year in year out.
Excited to find out if that pulls in new fans, from all over the world, who have never even heard of me.

It also means those that want more new stuff, get it far more often than me trying to find label that takes forever to put it out.
Those tracks that deserve a second chance are coming back for action again too.

Spotify, Apple all the usual streaming services.
Bandcamp for Vinyl On Demand and Downloads - as soon as you hear about a pre-order on Bandcamp, buy it and then when it hits enough, they press the vinyl and  it gets made, packaged and shipped to you directly from Bandcamp. As soon as that service is available, I'll do all I can to make it happen each time, so that you get a steady flow of vinyl.

All of this will happen alongside me working on my film, training is beginning to start again, fixed a lot of injuries so looking good.
Getting a lot stronger and fitter.

I play the father of the hero in the film, and he's not a good guy... he's in prison at the start.
More on that in another post. I'll be keeping the website as the main source of truth, so I own it, and social media will be a cut down version of what's going on.

I'm going to start up an email mailing list too pretty shortly, all based from here.

That's it for now, hope you're all safe and healthy, hang on in there..

The Ghost Walks with You ...